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Testimonies of God's Power.

Miracle Testimonies!

Revival Is Here!!


Evangelist George Hurt is an anointed, passionate speaker whom we have had minister in Lafayette a number of times. God has gifted Evangelist Hurt to build faith and expectation in those he preaches to. He also is used in the gifts of the Spirit which deeply ministers to guests and members alike.

He has always presented the Gospel with love George Hurt is a vessel of God.  Christ confirms the word he preaches with power.  The miraculous ministry of Christ is demonstrated through him.  He is a man of authority. integrity, sincerity and the love of God. A General in the kingdom of Christ

Things that have happened in his services that I have attended include God using him to specifically identify what is going on the lives of people on multiple occasions that he did not know or never talked to in order to build their faith.   Miracles: Blinded eye received site. Fibromyalgia healed. 7 people had tumors disappear instantly. Two people's hearing was restored. Cancer,lupus, arthritis, asthma, were all healed. Several were baptized in Jesus name and or filled with the Holy Ghost.  The book of Acts came alive. God is great!!!

Reggie Mclaurine
Assistant Pastor

Columbus, Indiana

"As a man of God seasoned in the faith, I can attest to the gifts that Christ has given Evangelist George Hurt to empower the church. Signs and miracles follow prophet to operate!"

Gary Napper Jr.
Assistant Pastor

Harrisburg, PA

My name is Renaye Thompson. On 9-24-12 my husband and I were side swiped by a car. We were on a motorcycle and the came left of center and struck us. When I tried to get off the motorcycle, I couldn’t put any pressure on my left leg. I thought I was just in shock. We went to the hospital, had x-rays and they said nothing was broken. But I still couldn’t stand on it and the pain was getting worse. By the end of the week the pain was so sever and my leg was swollen so bad, that I was sent to an orthopedic specialist. It felt like anyone that touched my leg was using a blow torch on it. My pain level would stay between 8-10. He done test on me and diagnosed me with RSD/CRPS which is a permanent nerve disease.


Over the years we have gone to specialist after specialist. I have been told that I would never walk again. I had 1 doctor tell me that I could have my leg removed from the knee down. But I would most likely still have the phantom pain. I told him no, that when I walk again, it would be on my leg. Around 5 ½ years later, 2-21-18, I was in Indiana to have some treatment done on my leg to try to get some of the pain to quit. While I was there, my husband told me that a pastor friend (Bro. Markham) text him and said for him to get in contact with Bro. Hurt. He wanted him to come and pray for my healing. So, Tom contacted him. Bro. Hurt has such a spiritual calm and confident demeanor about him, when he talked to us in that room and led us in prayer that our faith was boosted, and I then learned to put faith into action.


When he told us that fear was a spirit and we needed to pray it out of the room. I feel as if we all were in one accord and that is when faith stepped into action literally. As we were praying, Bro. Hurt told me to take a step, then another one and another one. For the first time in 5 ½ years I was walking. I or Tom had never experienced this type of miracle in person and we are so thankful for all that listened to God and made it possible for Bro. Hurt to come and pray for me. God is so Amazing!


Renaye Thompson

Logan, Ohio

 In 2013 I was diagnosed with lime disease. The doctors said it was no cure only medicine to ease the pain. In that same year Evangelist George  Hurt was the guest speaker at Victory Tabernacle and he prayed and laid hands on me in the service. The following week I went            to the same doctor and was declared a miracle and healed glory to God!


Brother Adrian Howard

Indianapolis, Indiana

Today in service Bro Hurt  saw a vision of a woman with concerned about lumps on under her arm. Well for two years I have had swollen

lymph nodes under my arm. Bro Hurt told me to go to the bathroom and check for them again. This time when i went the lymph nodes were GONE!!! GOD HEALED ME IMMEDIATELY!!

Jessica Jung

Willisville, Illinois 

Wonderful man!! I was suicidal, and had anxiety attacks that led me to the hospital every other day, tormented and so far from God..UNTIL Evangelist Hurt came to Brunswick and was used of God to deliver me. I have not had one anxiety attack or  anything praise God!My mind was restored completely. I'm literally glad I met him ,I didnt expect this healing,but it saved my life in so many ways. The sunday after my deliverance my husband and child were refilled with the Holy Ghost and my son recieved the Holy Ghost and baptized My heart is full:)

Jennifer Churnega

Brunswick, Ohio

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